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If you can breathe, you can do yoga.  No matter your age, gender, or skill level you belong.  O2 Yoga is a container of connection, encouragement, growth, healing, and yes, fun!  This is a space where EVERYONE BELONGS.   Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or are new to yoga, you will find something here for you.  You will move and breathe with purpose, you will be challenged and leave feeling lighter and brighter after each practice.  Show up on your mat, experience what this transformational practice has to offer, and you will grow as you go.  




Melinda is a champion at empowering others, and this is true in her teacher trainings as well. She takes the time to get to know YOU….to really see you and all that you have to offer. She has inspired and encouraged me to find my own voice as a teacher and even as a human being. In fact, I didn’t intend to teach when I signed up for training. But as I learned more about myself and explored ways I wanted to be a light to others, my intention shifted. I am now sharing my love for yoga with others as an instructor, and Melinda continues to inspire me to learn and grow in this practice.
Whether you wish to teach or simply want to deepen your practice, training with Melinda will help you do that and more. Perhaps most importantly, through my training with Melinda, I learned more about myself and the ways that I can be a light and inspiration in my community.

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